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Ashby 01431




Established in 1767, this rural town is the most northern and western section of Middlesex county roughly 60 miles west of Boston and 35 miles north of Worcester. The town abuts the border of New Hampshire.


The town elects three members to the Board of Selectmen and has a town administrator for day-to-day operation. An annual Town meeting is scheduled to pass/amend the town bylaws. Selectmen's meeting are typically held every two weeks in the town hall.


Population Census 2006 - 3213

Tax Rate/ Assessed Valuation 

2018        20.17 /$1000 Assessed valuations are based on "full and fair cash value" as of the January 1st preceding each fiscal year.

Local Highlights

Clubs and Organizations 

Watatic Mountain State Wildlife Area (nearby) 

Willard Brook State Forest (nearby)






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